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Laboratory research and development, where ideas are born


Technics is born from a direct experience in a research and developement laboratory. This is why it clusters itself everything a laboratory needs: formulation support, checks to legal requirements and cost control.

The registration of formulas is supported from raw materials researches that facilitate the intake. The same organization in phases, contributes to more rapid preparation of the compositions. Besides that, it will be possible to insert bases with composition of raw materials and, for each formula, will be given the opportunity to indicate Mode of Use, Warnings, Technical Data, History of changes and versions and Markets Sales. Raw materials, when enhanced, will give rise to the formula cost per kilo, determining the scenarios that could change following the use of lists suppliers in brackets quantity(cuts).

The functions that affect the formulation are numerous, so as to cover every aspect inherent in the stage of research and development that in the laboratory gives rise to the recipes for the production.


Attached information


To each element described above(Formulas, Raw materials, INCI) can be connected electronic files such as documents, images, spreadsheets, pdf that will be managed as attachments, which will be, in this way, instantly recalled: no need to get lost in long and exhausting researches. Think of the ability to attach the safety data sheets and data sheets sent by suppliers when raw materials are purchased.


Historicizing and comparison of informations


The program allows you to track, by historics, any changes made ​​on the formula. There you will find handy, whenever it is necessary, the story of the costs, Productions, the Laboratory Testing, Test of Stability and Control of Quality made ​​in the Production Order, in laboratory tests or in Compliance

An additional "operational streamlining" tool is certainly constituted by the availability of the program to compare between them different Quality Controls, so to quickly check that they should present the results from the same trend, both in the laboratory and for what concerns the productive area.

Operations such as formula duplication, duplication of phases, historicizing of versions and variations make routine tasks extremely easy, and allow to produce a detailed history of the transformations occurred gradually over time.

Lastly, it will be possible to recall previous versions and recover them if necessary.


Formula analyse, Inci, internal and external restrictions


Hand in hand with a complete and timely formulation, were also prepared a series of controls to bring significant relief to the work of the formulator. It will be possible, for example, to ascertain if raw materials are correctly codified, or if there exist restrictions related to the attachments of restricted substances. We have recently taken steps to expand controls on INCI with versions aimed at markets outside Europe.


Inci archive and always up to date regulations


Technics posseses a database, preloaded and updated on a weekly basis, which shows the Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI), along with basic information about them taken from the Cosmetics Directive, European Inventory of Cosmetic Ingredients (CosIng - Cosmetic Ingredients & Substance).

For each ingredient are stored: European and American INCI name, CAS, EINECS, functions, information on restrictions of use, print data ECOCERT labeling, classification of allergens and the date of the last update. The database of INCI is interfaced with the attachments of the restricted substances, both for the Italian Ministry of Health and for the current regulations at European level.

It is also given the ability to set customized restrictions on use and there are also controls for extra CEE countries such as Japan and the United States.

Raw materials


To each raw material, there is the opportunity to associate suppliers and alternative raw materials, chemical - physical data, Toxicology data, active ingedients, data relating to the calculation of the Chemical Risk, usual supplier, Personal Protective Equipment and the rules that determine the count of the Active Cleansing Substance (SAL) contained in the formula.

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