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P.I.F. - Product Information File

"The output" of the laboratory work


PIF in TECHNICS is nothing more than the collection and organization of all informations memorized previously through research and development.

Via a simple procedure, during which the user is required to specify different elements that compose the dossier (namely the information about finished product, producer and distributor, microbiological control tests, evaluations about effectiveness and product security) obtaining a final complete document that fully meet the direction 76/768 EC Article 7bis requests.


Speeding the compilation.


Particular attention has been given by us and then put in attempt to accelerate as much as possible the many redundant operations to which the user is usually forced, so we have predisposed, if necessary, functions such as the duplication of similar cosmetic dossier and pre-coding of all reusable information that can streamline the time required to fill in the document.


Configurable and customizable models for the cosmetic dossier.


All the information that make the cosmetic dossier is gathered and organized inside the documents whose form is based in models contained in Word that are particulary manageable for any user to modify.

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