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Integrated management in research and development of the product's planning


The complexity of the projects and the possible involvement of people, departments and, in some cases, different companies requires efficient management of available resources.

In these areas, it is a recurring experience to run into serious management and organizational difficulties. It is not uncommon for this type of problems will lead, ultimately, to a state of conflict that develops between the different projects, as well as between the management of ongoing projects and daily activities.



TECHNICS solve such issues thanks to the module "Project management", designed from the need to easily find all the information related to the project, define and monitor the various phases (input elements, formula development, pack, formula cost formula), recording time and cost of individual phases, providing planning and reports on the projects status.



Starting with a thorough knowledge of the project, we can predict and anticipate the most appropriate changes before they become too costly and difficult to integrate. Through control tools like this module, the person in charge and the management will have the necessary tools to anticipate needs and ensure a better coordination of project activities.

The function managaes multiple projects, provides environments accessible only to authorized users and also enables constant monitoring of the activities.

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