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Technics the management software for the cosmetic companies


Technics Cosmetics is nowadays the only company capable of following a cosmetic company in all of its processes, offering a proprietary software platform, integrated and customizable.

Fitted with extensive knowledge gained in the field, Technics stands as a unique partner for companies that want to improve their management in the highly evolved cosmetic industry.

Developed exclusively for the cosmetic industry, the platform benefits by daily feedback of hundreds of companies, which, thanks to Technics, are able to work with a single partner, eliminating inefficiencies attributable to integration between different applications.



Passion for our work, the challenges of a demanding market


The creation of efficient and functional software is a complex task. It involves a major effort in terms of human resources and focuses first on design and development and then on implementation through continuous dialogue with customers.

Our quest for continuous improvement leads us to invest constantly in this comparison, translating this commitment into a solid working tool.

With the previous words we could summarize the philosophy of TECHNICS COSMETICS, a group of professionals formed in 1994 when, with the few tools of that time, they began to lay the foundations of what, following technological evolution, would be the current management.


Technics Cosmetics Software Image Computer

A management software dedicated to cosmetic companies


TECHNICS, the management software born in a cosmetic lab, has been specifically designed and developed for companies in the industry.

The modules of TECHNICS such as Research and Developement Laboratory, Planning, Warehouse, Purchasing, Sales, Accounting, Statistics, Project Management and CRM are able to satisfy all cosmetic companies expectations integrating in a unic platform the entire business management and eliminating inefficiencies and poor service attributable to integration between different applications..


Time, costs, quality, a major competitiveness


TECHNICS has been designed taking into account three crucial factors for the enterprise: time, cost and quality. Fulfilling the typical needs of commercial and manufacturing of cosmetic companies, TECHNICS proves to be the right investment for a company that wants to grow and become competitive in an increasingly demanding market.


Security and user profiling


The access to the software is made through ID and password, with activities related to the user's profile and management of unique applications to which they are enabled.

Customizable and configurable


TECHNICS is highly configurable to allow the system to follow the company's features, defining the administration depending on the single user or the company's overall activity. Thanks to direct property and ownership of the software, we are able to attend and guide any company through its evolutionary process, intervening directly to the source of the application!


Technics Cosmetics Software Image Computer
Technics Cosmetics Software Image Computer
Technics Cosmetics Software Image Computer

Team Work

Simplify the management of your company! With one application R&D, production, accounting and more.


Eliminate the costs and inefficiencies of integration between different applications.

Eliminate Excel sheets, night synchronizations and data transfer. Save and enhances your operational capabilities! Save and earn competitiveness with Technics!

Technics Cosmetics Software Image Computer

The history of the company

Technics the management software for the cosmetic companies


The TECHNICS project originates from the friendship relationship that binds the creators of this program and two chemists together who started their activity in the cosmetics industry in 1994, creating a small laboratory.

The progressive growth of organizational needs was making even more urgent the need to manage the latter with the support of information technology. Thus was born the first draft of what would become the current TECHNICS. The new program, following the company's development on one hand and, on the other hand, using the most recent developments in information technology , drew from the work on the field all the benefits of a system developed for this specific area.

We give thanks therefore to these friends, who believed in this project. Special thanks is also reserved to all those companies that have chosen TECHNICS and that with their valuable suggestions help us to improve the program daily, making it a popular product that never disappoints the expectations of those who choose it.

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